Channin Fulton | Summer update: work, youth, & adventures!
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Summer update: work, youth, & adventures!

Cheers to a summer filled with fun activities and many adventures! I’m taking full advantage of traveling this year. Lucky for me, I am able to be flexible with my schedule this year while I work on a passion project while freelancing. This year was off to an unexpected start for me work-wise. I stopped working at a fantastic brand agency (a job I was extremely grateful to have received a week after graduating from university two years ago), and jumped into starting my own business. But, this change from the “9-5 grind” and into the scary world of freelance has enabled me to pursue some passions I’ve had for quite some time. 

I’ve taken advantage of some traveling opportunities (mainly for art + design related adventures): Los Angeles, Death Valley, San Fransisco, Chicago, Two Rivers (WI), Las Vegas.. and we’re about half way through the year now. How time flies! And upcoming adventures: Oaxaca (Mexico), Jackson Hole + “The Great Western American” road trip… which flows up to Banff, Canada.. and then off to Grand Rapids for a wedding! Money out the door! But design inspiration and memories inflowing! Can’t wait! Really looking forward to all these adventures.

Life flies by pretty fast. It’s important for me at this time to take advantage of my health, age, status, and support system and go out there to explore! Not to say I should ditch responsibilities altogether (before you tell me I’m a lazy, self-absorbed millennial.. to which I can be at times), but I think it’s important to do the things in life you always wanted to do before they pass you by. Those adventures can turn into opportunities if you have an open mind. Who knows, they might even launch you into a new vocational idea! Note that “adventures” don’t always have to mean traveling. I understand travel is a luxury for many. It can get expensive. I met a man the other day who takes himself on “artist dates” to the park where he flies his kite. THAT is totally adventure on a budget! I love that. Oftentimes, that is the only route I can take.

I feel extremely grateful to have a strange, angel-singing gap of time in my life right now to accommodate travel adventure. So, here I go. Out to put my twenty-something, grape-smuggling ass into a bikini and celebrate life! Now you go get your swimsuit on, and celebrate an audacious life of adventure with me! 


1. An exciting or very unusual experience.
2. Participation in exciting undertakings or enterprises: the spirit of adventure.
3. A bold, usually risky undertaking; hazardous action of uncertain outcome.