Channin Fulton | Unified Port of San Diego
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Unified Port of San Diego

The Unified Port of San Diego manages everything from maritime industry to tourism, water and land recreation to environmental stewardship and public safety. For such an extensive organization, it was important that the brand carry a sense of trustworthiness through consistency. Being a “core value” of the organization, the idea of transparency was adopted as a discrete theme in the annual report. Water imagery, vellum, and various paper textures further the concept of transparency throughout the spreads. The new identity created is forward-thinking and slightly edgy, with a logo mark roused by the iconic saw-tooth roof of the new Unified Port of San Diego’s Broadway Pier. It also depicts the idea of fluidity and movement through it’s diagonals and a sense of “import and export” seen typographically through the extended arms of the “T” and the “U”.




1 May


Branding, Editorial, Typography