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Stellaris Airlines

Stellaris Airlines is an American-based airline that globally delivers a swanky, throw-back experience of mid-century travel luxury. It is a return to the good times of flight. It’s a soothing reminder of when we didn’t have to stand in long lines at the crowded airport, when in-air meals were free, and when we flew in style. It is an exciting return to a world of elegance that was once the heyday of air travel between the late 1950s and early 1960s. The target audience of Stellaris Airlines is your modern-day, well-to-do businessman (aged 30-60) and his family. The airline features a star burst for a tittle and a smooth calligraphic style for it’s logo mark. The brand has a consistent swooping element, reminiscent of airplane ascension and fluidity. The bold, confident red and blue color scheme displays the pride of an American airline industry. Stellaris prides itself in international style, charm, and gratuitous personability.




1 May


Branding, Photography, Typography