Channin Fulton | Point Loma Nazarene University Senior Show 2014
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Point Loma Nazarene University Senior Show 2014

Our PLNU portfolio class was asked to design a poster that would embody the art and design department of our school. After some collaboration and serious mind mapping, a conceptual direction was decided upon. In creating an identity design for the PLNU Senior Show, we wanted to portray a fun, youthful feel while maintaining a refined, contemporary aesthetic. Cheerful and vibrant colors reflect the attitude of the graduating class over a sleek black, a way to say, “Here we are, we stand out!”. Not to mention, PLNU is famous for its grandiose sunsets, seen as an end to a day and beginning to a new one; an end to college and a fresh start in the professional world. Taking inspiration from the personalities of the class, faculty, and campus, the brand “twinkles” with its colorful attention-grabbing, typography-driven content.




1 May


Branding, Typography, Video