Channin Fulton | Opus 2013
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Opus 2013

The San Diego Symphony holds a grandiose yearly event that takes place at Copley Symphony Hall and the University Club atop Symphony Towers. The design challenge was to create an appealing poster layout for a San Diego Symphony concert event fund-raiser and expand it into a brand. This year, the theme introduced by the San Diego Symphony was “Glitz, Glamour, and Gershwin”. This theme gave way to a dramatic Art Deco inspired event branding. The aesthetic was a promotion of “footloose and fancy-free” but still remains decadent, opulent, and authentic. Bold, blocked-out Neutra text grabs the distant viewers attention on the streets. A golden art deco architectural pattern identifies easily with a past period of social glamour events, enticing wealthy, upper class art enthusiasts to donate towards the cause while still enjoying their golden night of splurge and grandeur.




1 May


Branding, Packaging