Channin Fulton | Immerse Quarterly
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Immerse Quarterly

Concept Immerse is a quarterly publication presenting diverse stories of ocean lovers and for ocean lovers. It targets a wide range of age groups: young adult college students to free-thinking pioneers of surf. The journal is experimental in nature; a fusion of a soft cover book publication and an off-the-stand surf magazine. Minimal advertising gives way to dense visual content, allowing profiles of colorful subjects to shine in their natural aqueous habitats. A dense brew of personality types and travel destinations are exposed, naked, to show genuine culture and personal ideology in a world of “posers” and suspicious brands. Nodding to the way water contains ethereal qualities, the publication takes special interest in discovering stories where an individual or community is “immersing” in the lives of others, particularly through acts of service or through stirring up inspiration through the arts. Earthly and vintage tones in collaboration with exploratory type exude a sense of naturality, as opposed to artificiality, while still maintaining a sense of fineness.




1 May


Branding, Editorial, Photography