Channin Fulton | Baby Shower Suite
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Baby Shower Suite

Jennah Walls, a designer herself, came to me with a special request: to design her invitations for her baby shower on a low budget. Together, we collaborated to come up with a sensational summer “pineapple” theme. The pineapple was illustrated using a calligraphy pen and scanned in to a computer for a crisp final design. Bright yellow and white stripes with thick gray borders create a sense of sophisticated cheer and prep. The suite was printed on moo’s thick luxe cards to bring lavish and excitement to the event. The shower was held in a pristine backyard of a family friend, who carried out the design theme as well. Everything was design coordinated. From the umbrellas, piñata props, food… even down to the napkins!


Jennah Walls


20 November


Branding, Illustration