Channin Fulton | It’s almost summer kiddies.
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It’s almost summer kiddies.

It’s almost summer kiddies. Time to bust out the beach towels, floaties, and watch some random vintage surf documentaries. I’m looking forward to spending this summer immersed in vintage culture. It’s the end of an era for the great TV show Mad Men and I’ve been drawing so much creative inspiration from the late 60’s/early 70’s lately. The clothes, the trends in travel, the music.. Check out #mysixtiessummer for more visual inspiration! It’s gonna be a wild ride (sans the psychedelic drugs).

P.S. Thank you, Rolling Stones, for playing a concert in San Diego. I may not have found tickets in time, but I’m sure glad I got to hear the leftover echoes (which actually sounded good) from a downtown rooftop bar where you were playing! I’ve been listening to your vintage hits on repeat lately. Nothing beats Merry Clayton belting out “Rape, Murder!” That shit is killer.