Channin Fulton | Hand Lettered Art as a Wedding Gift
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Hand Lettered Art as a Wedding Gift

As we know, wedding season is soon approaching. Sometimes, the hardest part about attending weddings is finding an appropriate gift to give. You run to the mall on a hot summer day in search of a last minute cooking set, which results in the cashier telling you the color you’re looking for is sold out. So, you resort to a lifeless gift card. Or, maybe the couple requests no gifts, in which case you still want to give something special because you want to be considerate.

Lately, I have been enjoying giving my couple friends something custom. I think about their individuality and couple personality. Then, I think about how color, composition, contrast, and the elements of typography can inform me on creating a custom piece for them. 

Here’s a recent example of a commission for a couple. What’s fun to me is when I can design a concept that’s unique to the individual client. I had fun approaching this project with a traditional old-style roman serif typeface and using gold ink to create a sense of elegance for a classy couple. 

DSC_6256 DSC_6259 DSC_6262