Channin Fulton | Look, ma! I’m in Uppercase Magazine!
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Look, ma! I’m in Uppercase Magazine!

I began to learn calligraphy about a year ago when I met Heber Miranda at a design internship. He introduced me to parallel pens and showed me some essential stokes in calligraphy. I took to it right away and have been practicing up until now (off and on). I consider it a pleasure and a relaxing escape from the technology world because it enables instant gratification (the hand movement in script writing is more enticing in comparison to mouse clicks). It also calms my mind when I carry strokes onto paper, so I intend to stick with this art form and keep progressing.

Every year, the San Diego AIGA (American Institute of Graphic Arts) holds a large conference for professionals in the field of graphic design. It’s called the Y Conference. This past year at Y19 we had the pleasure of having Janine Vangool, publisher/editor/designer of UPPERCASE magazine, speak at the conference. A group of student volunteers including myself were thrilled to meet her. It was mentioned in a conversation that it would be a cool idea to have a future issue highlighting calligraphy. She heard us out and decided to dedicate issue 23 to calligraphy and lettering! 

I found out about the opportunity late but was stoked to learn about the future issue. I wanted to send in my calligraphy and the deadline was very close, but I figured it doesn’t hurt to try and send something in even if it doesn’t make it in time. Thankfully, it arrived on time and I was notified I made it into the issue! Hooray! I will continue to push my skills. Calligraphy is a wonderful hobby that I hope to one day incorporate into my mainstream job as a designer. No doubt that it has already influenced my design when the situation calls.

Thanks for all the hard work you do, Janine and team! This magazine is amazing and it was a pleasure to have you visit us in San Diego last year. ope you can come back again in the future!

Preview the issue here: